“International Student Admission Project Faculty of PSUIC International College Hatyai Campus Program: Creative Media and Digital Technologies (CMDT)

Number of openings: 30

Announcement in Thai: Link to Thai Announcement

Announcement in English: Link to English Announcement

🔰 Application period: October 1-30, 2566 Link: https://e-admission.psu.ac.th

🔰 Announcement of interview candidates on November 3, 2566 Link: https://admissions.psu.ac.th/

🔰 Interview date: November 5, 2566

🔰 Confirmation of admission rights for successful interviewees: February 6-7, 2567 Link: https://student.mytcas.com

🔰 Announcement of PSU Hatyai Campus admission list on February 13, 2567 Link: https://admissions.psu.ac.th/

📌 Follow TCAS67 student admission information at https://admission.psu.ac.th/bachelor-degree/…

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