A white cubic box with its opened blue lid, labelled with the letters ‘PSUIC’ (the abbreviation of Prince of Songkla University International College)


The cubic box represents the students of PSUIC who keep pace with the modern age and fast-forwarding IT technology. The ‘opened lid’ implies the welcoming of new knowledge and readiness to learn at any time. The ‘open box’ is selected to portray the idea of ‘thinking outside the box. This emblem could also be interpreted as a graduation cap which represents successful academic achievement.

Corporate Colours

PSUIC adopts PSU Dark Blue to match with our Pearl Silver colour. The combination of these two colours represents PSUIC identity.

Cape Leadwort

The “Blue” of The Royal Cape (Dark Blue or Imperial Blue Cape Leadwort) was His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s favourite blue as it represents Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s birthday colour (Friday) . Since our Prince of Songkla University’s official colour is also blue, it is an auspicious occasion to use the Royal Cape as our International College’s emblem flower. In nature, this beautiful flower is not a hard-to-please or vulnerable flower as its look. Rather once rooted, it is drought-tolerant, easy to grow, and requires minimal basic needs, little water and care.

We place Cape Leadwort as our representing flower for the mixture of blue and silver colours of its velvety petals. A little bouquet of cape leadwort symbolizes the harmonization of gentleness and fortitude. The flower can bloom lively on any land. It paints its silvery blue around the world. PSUIC wishes our graduates to thrive like cape leadwort. They shall flourish beautifully no matter where they are.

As Cape Leadwort thrives across countries, our diplomats flourish beyond boundaries